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Main Shut Off Valve Replacement in Wallingford

Trust the Experts to Replace Your Main Water Valve

home water shut off valveThe main shut off valve controls the water supply to your entire home. While this valve is open, water will be able to flow freely through all your water lines. Conversely, closing the valve will stop the flow of water into your home.

This becomes necessary in the event of a leak, burst pipe, or other type of plumbing emergency to mitigate extensive water damage. Call us today for our professional plumbing services. At Mansolf Plumbing and Heating, we provide main shut off valve replacement in Wallingford and surrounding areas.

Our experienced technicians will ensure you get the correct type of valve and that it is installed properly, so you can have peace of mind your shut off valve will work when you need it.

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What Is the Water Valve Replacement Process?

The water valve replacement process involves:

  • Shutting off the water supply to the house
  • Adding any necessary piping
  • Installing the new valve
  • And draining the entire system

How Do You Locate the Main Shut Off Valve?

A main shut off valve is to your plumbing system what your electrical panel is to your electrical system. Just like you can stop the flow of electricity into some or all of your home by switching the breakers off, you can stop water from flowing into your home by turning off the main shut off valve.

Replacing the Handle on Water Shut Off Valve

When you need main water shut off valve handle replacement, our team of expert plumbing technicians are here to help. It is important for you and other household members to know where this valve is, what it looks like, and how to turn it off in case of a plumbing emergency.

There are a few areas in your home where you may find the main shut off valve, including:

  • Near your water heater
  • Inside your garage
  • Beside a water meter
  • Along an exterior wall that faces the street

Locating the Water Shut Off Valve in Your Apartment or Condo

If you live in an apartment or condo, your shut off valve could be located under a kitchen or bathroom sink, or near your washer and dryer. It is also possible that the valve in those locations is only controlling water to those specific areas. If you are still unable to locate your valve, you can check your property inspection report or call your water company.

What Are the Different Types of Water Shut Off Valves?

Not all shut off valves look the same. The two most common designs are the ball valve and the gate valve.

Here are some simple ways to tell the two apart and when you need to contact our expert water heater valve replacement plumbers:

  • Ball valve: If the pipes coming into your house are plastic, you likely have a ball valve. This type of valve has a handle that controls the flow of water into your home. When the handle is lined up with the water pipe, water will flow freely into your house. If the handle is turned a quarter to create a 90-degree angle, the flow of water will stop.
  • Gate valve: This type of valve is used when plumbing pipes are made of copper or some other type of metal. Gate valves look like a spoked wheel (commonly used with garden hoses) and uses a ball, which acts as a wall to block the flow of water.

To schedule an appointment for water heater ball valve replacement, call us at (203) 774-5318 or contact us online today to get a free estimate.

Can You Replace a Gate Valve with a Ball Valve?

You can certainly replace an existing gate valve with a ball valve if you need to do so. A torch is needed to heat up the parts and remove them. Drain the water from the pipe and valve.

The valve should also be opened. If you are uncomfortable or uncertain with performing these steps, please contact a professional water heater ball valve replacement plumber today!

How to Replace a Gate Valve with a Ball Valve

You can replace an existing gate valve with a ball valve if you already have one. The parts will need to be warmed up and removed with a torch. Drain the water from the pipe and valve by turning off the water. The valve should also be opened.

Warm up the area where the valve joins the pipe. If it does not move, you can grab it with large channel locks. However, if it moves, it is too hot to remove. It might be easier to cut the pipe and pull off the valve, otherwise you might heat up the elbow and cause it to move.

Before you can solder the joints, you need to clean, flux, and heat up the joints. The repair coupling can be used to cover the cut in the pipe and soldered on just like the valve. When connecting the heat, the valve should always remain open.

Schedule Your Water Shut Off Valve Replacement Today

Regardless of which type you have, it is best to test your valve periodically to ensure that it is functioning properly. You wouldn’t want it to get stuck when a pipe bursts and water starts spraying everywhere. If you find that your valve is not working properly, reach out to Mansolf Plumbing and Heating for a fast and effective solution.

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